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Answer by Filippo Romani:

Unreal Engine is, in my humble yet meticulously elaborated opinion, one of the most powerful and user-friendly graphic software currently in circulation.

The first graphic engine I ever utilised was Unity, and for almost a year I delved into it as my development environment of choice. A few months ago an opportunity arose, which required for me to pick up Epic’s Unreal Engine, and virtually master it’s graphical components.

The basic scene as it is presented when starting a new project

You might receive what I’m going to say with skepticism, but I guarantee you that my mind stuttered for a handful of heartbeats when I saw how good the basic scene I was presented with was: a pair of chairs and a table on a small pavement looked as gorgeous as if they were pulled out from an AAA videogame.

I never saw anything like this in Unity that didn’t require high-quality assets, textures, and great skills on the user’s side.

In barely four months of experimentation, with the internet as my only tutor, I was able to achieve a fairly realistic result with still large room for improvement, meaning that this is not, by far, the best that can be done with the engine:

Throughout the path to reach this kind of achievement, I learned how many graphical components of the engine works, where to find them, when and how to use them. In barely four months, I could already say that my creativity poses the major limit to what I could be capable of accomplishing.

Another aspect that I believe reinforces the already considerable amount of qualities found in this software, and that I consider a mistake to overlook, is that since I started using Unreal Engine I learned an enormous quantity of advanced notions regarding what goes on behind the scenes: from the working principle of graphic, to what GPU processes and how, to shaders, vectorial mathematics, programming with C++, and tons of more incredibly useful knowledge.

My experience with this tool has been until now mostly focused on lighting, models and materials, but I’m in the process of delving into the other wonders of Unreal, which I have just barely scratched.

So, to bring this personal review to a conclusion: Yes, I would go back to Unity if I aimed to make a 2D game, but otherwise, Unreal has become something more than a tool: it is now a passion that will be very stubborn to replace.

What is your review of Unreal Engine 4?